I Was Diagnosed: Part Four, I’m Cancer-Free!

Hi reader, Happy New Year! Thank you for stopping by to read the final chapter of my cancer story. I encourage you to read my other posts to follow along!

Late December of 2017, I had surgery to remove my right ovary and fallopian tube. Weeks leading up to this day, I felt confident and relaxed that everything would be okay. However, as the surgery date approached, I was struck with anxiety and restlessness. I suddenly wasn’t my typical positive self anymore. I prayed and asked the Lord “What’s happening to me?!” I soon realized that I was saddened at that fact that I would be losing a part of myself. Sure, it’s just a small little organ, but it has been with me my entire life! At this point, I tried to talk myself out of this funk. Sure enough, it subsided slightly but I still felt an anxiousness hovering like fog rolling in during the dawn of winter.

My surgery came and went, and just as planned, everything went smoothly. My oncologist was able to remove the ovary without any complications. Hallelujah!


Now here came the hard part. The healing process.  My nurse said, “Per doctor’s orders, it will take six weeks to completely heal. So, your husband must do all house chores and cooking. Don’t be on your feet!” “Six weeks?!” I thought to myself. “So, that means I can’t do Zumba anymore?” The nurse looked at me and then smiled. “Yes, no Zumba,” he said in a polite tone.

Feeling exhausted and sore, I was discharged from the hospital and headed home.

Two weeks later, I was scheduled to see my oncologist for a post-op appointment. This appointment was big. It would reveal if I was officially cancer-free or whether or not I needed further treatment. Just as I felt at my last oncology appointment a few weeks ago, I was anxious again. Simply eager to know what the next step was if anything. My husband and I met with ‘Doctor Young’ and she revealed the three words that were freeing to my soul: “NO MORE CANCER.” With a hug and warm smile, she cheered that there were no signs of the disease elsewhere. As we went on with the appointment, she encouraged, “Now go make some babies, but don’t forget to send me a picture when they’re born!” My husband, Andrew, and I walked out the appointment with relief and a stronger bond than ever before. This journey has revealed a new definition of what ‘love’ truly is.

*We’re believing that the disease will not come back! However, I will be monitored via blood tests for the next 15 years to make sure all is on track!

Our pup: Ranger Jacobson!

As I write this post, I have tears of gratitude. I’m thankful for this experience. Now that might sound silly, however, my cancer journey has molded me for the better. It has revealed what agape love truly looks like, ya know that long-suffering kind. My relationships with my family and friends have shifted. With some, I’ve become closer, but with others, we have grown apart. Nonetheless, all for the better. I have a newfound perspective of the Father. I trust His plans for me as they are never to harm or hurt me. I accept that this course is a living testimony of God’s goodness and devotion towards His children. He is devoted to you, too.


  1. characterized by loyalty


A Letter to my Husband,

Thank you. Thank you for loving me unconditionally. For being there through sickness and health, and keeping your promises. Thank you for comforting me during my times of weakness and fear. Thank you for physically helping me after my surgeries when I could not walk by myself or even put on clothes. For encouraging me, praying for me, and ministering to the Lord on my behalf. I’m forever grateful that God chose you, my love, and I cannot wait to see what the new year has in store. I love you my cutie.

Thank You: We’re grateful to everyone that has prayed, called, texted, and even brought over a meal! Special thanks: Our Good Good Father, The Gathering Place Church, The Well Christian Community Church, Kaiser Walnut Creek Oncology Department, the Jacobson families, the Lee family, the McGowan families, the Crowder families, the Safford families, the Masten’s, the Case’s, the Payomo family, the Sensley/Seabron’s, the Lacanlale family, and many more! We’re forever thankful for YOU!

“The prayer of a righteous person has great power as it is working.” James 5:16

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My last oncology appointment!

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Hello! My name is Kayla, a photographer living in California along with my loving husband. I'm a lover of all things creative, vegan food, faith, beauty, and wellness. Come stay for a while!

4 thoughts on “I Was Diagnosed: Part Four, I’m Cancer-Free!

  1. Thank You for sharing your experience as you experience the traumatic illness of cancer (deadly disease) and come out victorious in Christ Jesus.
    I was extremely in awe of your journey
    Thank you again for sharing.


  2. How I missed this post, I have no idea. I’ve been following your blog posts and just the other day I was thinking about how you were doing! So sorry for the late comment but CONGRATS! So glad to hear this!


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