I Was Diagnosed: Part Two

Congratulations, you’ve made it to part two of my story! I encourage you to read I Was Diagnosed: Part One to ensure that everything makes sense along the way. Okay, let’s dive in!

As you may know now, I’m pretty sensitive to anesthesia. Due to my post-op discussion with my husband about accidentally stepping on a snail. I mean, a serious mini meltdown and my poor guy went along with it too!  I was completely out of it for a few days as the anesthesia hadn’t officially worn off. Somehow, I gathered the strength to go for a stroll in our neighborhood the next day which I slightly regretted later on. I arrived back home from my walk in pain but in even greater relief to be back. Heading to the couch for a catnap, I drifted to sleep with final thoughts. “Now that the cyst is gone, all will be back to normal”

I awoke to the buzzing sound of my phone ringing. Annoyed, I wondered “Who could be calling me, don’t they know that I’m trying to take a nap?” Unfortunately, the caller didn’t telepathically read my mind :p.  I answered the phone with a tired voice “Hello?” the voice responded, “Hello, is this Kayla? This is Doctor ‘Stevens’.” Oh yes, hi!” I responded with the excitement of her call. She asked how my day was going then pauses, “Where are you?” I thought to myself, why does she want to know where I am. That’s odd. “I’m at home” I responded. “Well, I have your test results from the biopsy of your mass and I’m sorry Kayla, but it is malignant.” There was suddenly a loud silence on the phone. I then said “Okay, thank you” with a kind tone. Hesitating, she says, “I’m going to set you up with the Oncology department in Walnut Creek and they’ll give you a call tomorrow.” And for some strange reason, when she mentioned the word ‘oncology’ it set me off. I cried, boy, did I cry. Let me tell you it wasn’t cute. With a sympathetic tone she says, “Kayla, I’m so sorry. I will stay on the phone with you for as long as you need.” “I’m going to ask my husband to come home, thank you.” I responded with a froggy voice. “Okay, I will call you tomorrow to see how you’re doing.” Then the phone clicks.


With tears in my eyes and a heavy heart, I shout, “God you said you’re the author and finisher of my faith!” And that day, I have kept this promise as the core of my being. Soon after, I called my husband, Andrew, “Honey, I need you to come home.” I asked him with great urgency and a shaky voice.” Good thing he works close to home, he literally ran the entire way. He got home in about three minutes. His days running track kicked into gear right away. When he arrived, I told him my unforgiving news. He held me, and we wept. Then, we prayed.

He stayed home with me that entire day. I was so blessed by him. The next step was telling our pastors, parents, and close friends. That was terrifying for me. Andrew did most of the talking, as I couldn’t gather the words. The next day we waited half of the day for the Oncology department to call. When they did there was slight relief that we had this appointment checked off of our list.

As we arrived at the hospital, we had no idea what lied ahead. I couldn’t help but think, perhaps, this is all a dream. If this is so, I will be waking up soon.






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Hello! My name is Kayla, a photographer living in California along with my loving husband. I'm a lover of all things creative, vegan food, faith, beauty, and wellness. Come stay for a while!

5 thoughts on “I Was Diagnosed: Part Two

  1. Hello Beautiful Cousin, I will be keeping you in prayer… as we know, with God all things are possible! Stay Strong… that is in our genes 🙏🏾


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